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Humane Animal Welfare Society Waukesha, Wisconsin
HAWS Animal Welfare Society Waukesha
HAWS-Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha Wisconsin

These Caring Kids held birthday parties for HAWS!

Alison Alderden (11)
Madison Araujo (10)
Melanie & Ian Banks (6 & 3)
Tatum Brimacombe (13) pictured, right
Matthew & William Bryan (8)
Nolan Carlson (1)
Elizabeth Cobb (10)
Elsa Diebert (12)
Grace Dempsey (11)
Evelyn Erickson (6)
Bradley Frasch (9)
​Sarah Gerovac (10)
Isabell Gutowski (9)
Ella Hannes (6)
Vanessa Horack (10)
Madison Husted (7)
Alyssa Johnson(11)
Chris Johnston (13)
​Molly Kellenberger (11) & Mary Rose Otten (11) pictured, right lower
Erin Kennon (12)
Graham Kunick (8)
Trinity Krueger (11)
Sean Larson (11)
Dawson Loebel (9)
Tyler Loebel (12)
Sofia Mioduszewski (11)
​Mya Passler (8)
​Charlotte Popchock (6)​
Lauren Reighn (11)
Paige Rhynes (10)
Kasey Schlicht (12)
Margaret Schmitt (13)
Lucy Schwab (8)
Marissa Tegeder (11)
Kya Vanderboom (7)

These Caring Kids did projects or held other fundraisers for HAWS!

Supply-coin drives / babysitting / craft & treat sales / lemonade stands to help HAWS:

  Angelina, Bella, Haley & Taylor (10)
  Cindy Atkinson (11)
  Eli (7) & Sophia (5) Basaj
  Ashley (5), Holly (7) & Austin (9) Bock
​  ​Leea Boivin (12)
  Lizzy Barrows (8)
​  Jenna Benson (14)
  Brianna Carpenter (7)
  ​Johanna Cira
  MaKayla Counsell (9)
  Mia (7) & Cami (4) D'Amato
  Skylar (13) & Logan (10) Dean
  Luke Dykowski (14)
  Evan Eutizzi (9)
  Payton Farrow (9)
  Colleen Flynn (8)
  Alaina (14) & Alyssa (11) Fritz
  Allie Genzel (11)
  Ashley Grenz (13)
  Emma Hartley (9)
  Lissa Healy (12)​
  Mia Helbig (12)
  Mara Hoffmann (9)
  ​Matthew Hunkins (9)
  Jackie & Olivia (9, 10)
  Katravas Children (7,9,10)​
  Ashley Kreft (12)
  Alyssa Labs (11)
  Makenna Lange (13)
  Emma Lemerand (11)
  Payton Leutner (11)
  Olivia Ludwig (10)
  Mia & Elise (10)
  Charley Martindale (8)
  Maura Mitchell (6)
  Abby (12) & Ella (6) Monday
  Nina & Dean Morrison (10, 7)
  Ashlyn (11) & Karissa (9) O’Steen
  Katina Patterson (9)
  Lorelei Peck (10)
  Erin Phelan (11)
  Jordyn (14), Ayden (6) & Chayce (3) Plymesser
​  Natalie Vogt (9)
  Olivia Reiter (9) w/ help from mom, Sue
  Danielle Rhodes (12)
  Paige Rhynes (10)
  Margaret Schmitt (12)
  Izzi Schneider (11)
  Chloe & Nathan Simonson (10, 8)
  Elizabeth, Julia & Cal Stillman (11,8, 4)
  Landon Tollervey, pictured at right
  Makenzie Vertz (13)
  Megan Weber (10)
  Sarah Weier (10)
  Sarah Wigman (11)
  Jordyn Young (14)
​  Sydney Zarske (7)

Kylie Hucke, Chloe Argue, Alaina & Maddie Walsch (11)
raised money with their backyard 'live museum/zoo'!

Jordan & Jaden Young’s “Fur, Fin & Feather Party”:
Emma Healy, Paige Schultz, Claudia Bauer,
Isa Hoffbauer, Maddy Prodoehl, Courtney Roofe,
Katelyn Yute, Cecily Henschel, Abby Steib,
Allison Salzer, Grayson Michal, Jason Page,
Nolan Riley, Aidan Romero, Ryan Konet.
(Pictured at right)

Homemade/special dog treats were brought to HAWS by:

  Katelin Bauer (12)
  Noah (4) & Carter (1) Peck
  Olivia & Gemma Rydzik​
  Mr. Showen’s 3rd Grade Class, Oconomowoc
  Pewaukee High School Culinary Classes
  Nature Hill Intermediate School - Hands of Change Club

Scout Troops & Schools & Groups for HAWS!

  Amy Belle School K-Kids Group
  Bright Days Learning Center Pre-K 3 & 4 Pennies for Pets
  Bright Days Learning Center "Spare Change for HAWS"
  Center Oak 4-H
  ​Champions Before & After School, Pewaukee (ages 5-11)
  Club Action - Sussex Freshman-Seniors
  DECA – Waukesha West
  Brownie Troop 4389, Sussex - hand-made dog pull toys!
  Brownie Troop 4459, Muskego - Mill Valley Elementary - hand-made catnip mice!
  Brownie Troop 9117, Muskego - Tess Corners
​  Girl Scout Troop 2024, Mukwonago
  Girl Scout Troop 2033, Waukesha
  Girl Scout Troop 2344, Pewaukee
  Girl Scout Troop 2509, New Berlin
  Girl Scout Troop 2634 (Junior), Menomonee Falls
  Girl Scout Troop 2903, Menomonee Falls - Bronze Award!
  Girl Scout Troop 4389, Sussex
  Girl Scout Troop 4542, Waukesha​
  Girl Scout Troop 4682, North Prairie
  ​Girl Scout Troop 4694, Waukesha
  Girl Scout Troop 8603, Waukesha
  Cedar Hills Girl Scout Troop 9132, New Berlin
  KinderCare - Sunset, Waukesha
  Meadow Brook Girl Scout Troop
​  Meadow View Elementary, Oconomowoc - K-4th grades
  St. James & Good Shepherd High School Youth Group
  Tess Corner's Elementary, 4th grade
  Mrs. Eyssautiers' 5th grade class - Holy Apostles School
  Ms. Finn’s Communication Class – Arrowhead High School
  Mrs. Kluck's class - Marcy Elementary School
  Mrs. Pachinski's 3rd Grade Class - Oconomowoc
  Mrs. Vega's 3rd Grade Class - Pewaukee Lake Elementary (pictured, top)
  ​Arrowhead High Developing Relationships Class
         ​- Alyssa Amann, Sydney Kopecky, Erin Novak
  Midwest Penguins Volleyball​ team (pictured, lower)

Click here to visit our Caring Kids Archive to see a listing of their outstanding accomplishments for HAWS!

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Kids Camps, WI Kids Camps, WI
Alexandra Guenette & Kaelin McGee
(both 12) earned $302 for HAWS at their booth at Greendale
Village Days, selling handmade items running a prize wheel!

Kids Camps, WI
The Stolp kids drop off their "bounty" of goodies collected
for HAWS during their family's 6th annual Pirate Party!

Kids Camps, WI
The Knollwood Knockouts Youth Group
held a car wash for HAWS, raising $500!
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