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By Lynn Olenik, HAWS Executive Director

2012, Blog Intro:  This is HAWS

​​We have the programs at HAWS that point to a successful future! But we know that we can’t do it without you, our community.

As a full service pet resource center, we treat those that are medically treatable and rehabilitate all those with poor behavior that we can. We do this while keeping our doors open so that our community’s strays and unwanted pets,
and those from families facing hardship, always have a place to go. We never charge for the public to surrender their animals, keeping pets off the street and getting them more quickly adopted into new loving homes.

We want to do more, and need your help and support of our programs. We have the programs at HAWS that create long-lasting solutions to ​community issues, prevention of abuse and neglect, and that curb pet overpopulation.

In 2012 alone:
• Annie’s Fund provided $10,000+ to medically treat animals so they could be adopted.
• Project Guardian spayed/neutered 497 feral and outdoor cats, lowering the number of incoming stray cats to 939, down 31.6% since the program began in ’05!
• 2873 spay/neuter surgeries were performed in our SNIP clinic.
• 999 cats, 468 dogs and 404 small animals were adopted into forever homes.
• Our Animal Rescue Team reunited 658 cats and dogs with their families, 445 wild animals were rescued and the team responded to 1589 calls. A new emergency response trailer was donated to serve our community if disaster strikes.
• Our Behavior Department celebrated its 500th graduate from the Mod Squad™ and helped 308 dogs learn the manners appropriate to be re-homed. These dogs got that second chance because of dedicated staff and volunteers – the vast majority of dogs with behavior issues can and are rehabilitated!
• 6176 people attended Education Department programs; 520 attended Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp. We also provided values education to numerous schools and Scout groups through afterschool and in-house and programs. Values coaching and education on qualities such as empathy, compassion and nurturing help the youth of our community become better adults, fighting abuse and neglect.
• Volunteers logged over 12,000 hours this past year! Our community stepped up to assist with laundry, foster care, grounds care, cat and small animal socialization and more.

Each program makes a difference. We are dedicated to our full service and open admissions philosophy. Come along with us, and help as HAWS works to create a society that humanely deals with issues such as neglect, abuse and over population. As a team we accomplish so many wonderful things, and will continue to do so far into the future!
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October 2, 2014
Lights, Camera, Adoptables!

I’d like to take a moment to recognize a few “out of the box” volunteers: Larry, Stephanie and Lori. These three took an idea and, working with the staff, followed it all the way to the end. We now have some videos on our front counter of our adoptable dogs. And not just any dogs. These are some of our longer-term residents that have received Mod Squad training. The videos show their best tricks, good behavior and their special personalities. The clips are heartwarming and should be great promotions to help them get adopted!

What was great about working with these volunteers was that not only were they passionate about the idea and committed to making it happen, but they worked within channels with great communication. So often a great idea comes up and, similar to everyone’s work place, you just can’t do everything. Even if it’s a good idea and you really want to do it, there just isn’t the time or the resources to get it done. Rather than go away angry because it was taking time to get things together or to simply “drop the idea on the staff” and expect it to magically happen, this team worked alongside the staff to see the project take shape.

It’s not yet perfect, but we’re getting there with a few tweaks. And, don’t you worry about the cats – I understand there is something in the works for them, too!

Thanks guys, the videos are great to watch!

A Week Like No Other
October 29, 2014

This was an epic week at HAWS!

We had the “Move Your Mutt” run on Sunday. It was a great event with exposure to some new faces and an early morning walk in the park with staff and volunteers. It was heartwarming to see people out with their best friends for exercise and recreation. It’s so good to see dogs, well cared for and a cherished part of their families.

On Monday, our Animal Rescue Team headed out with the Jefferson County Humane Society, returning to HAWS with 23 little dogs. Returning at noon, the remainder of the day was spent in veterinary exams, vaccinations, and grooming. Because all of them had fleas and various states of mats in their unkempt coats, this needed to be done as soon as possible. Volunteer groomers took on this project, transforming each into an adorable, clean but shy little dog. By Tuesday, staff had moved on to the search for foster homes and rescues, then began spays and neuters. Wednesday, saw more spays, neuters and caring for an additional 20 dogs in the kennel. There was the processing of paperwork and behavior evaluations all to prepare them for adoption. The Behavior Department was working to socialize and calm the dogs that were in a foreign environment. These activities kept the staff hopping the remainder of the week! Volunteers from Mod Squad socializers to those who help with cleaning and laundry logged additional hours. It takes a team effort to get animals ready for the adoption floor.

Friday was our fall fundraiser, Creatures of the Night. More than 275 guests joined us at the Marriot for an evening to celebrate pets and join in the cause of supporting our Animal Rescue Team and the services they provide. Though this was planned months in advance, it seemed even more appropriate considering the activities of the week. The event was fun, financially successful, and brought a number of new friends into HAWS. Without our community’s support we would not be able to do the work we do.

Thank you to all of you – staff, volunteers, board member and our donors – from the 23 little dogs that now have a chance to be a cherished part of someone’s family and the thousands of other Creatures that are part of the ‘HAWS cause’ each year!
A Mostly Wonderful Time
December 4, 2015

It’s that time of year, where everyone is in a festive mood
and our friends are stopping in with gifts for the animals. On
the Wednesday just before Thanksgiving, a wonderful man
named Mike stopped in with multiple cans of Turkey cat food
so the cats could all have turkey dinner on Thanksgiving. We had volunteers in to socialize the cats and walk the dogs even with the early cold snap we have had. HAWS' staff is festive and we have happy guests coming in the front door.

Not everything is perfect though. We have a number of “safe keep” pets that are separated from their families right now. There are cats, kittens, dogs and small animals waiting here, still looking for new homes and, as the public fills their calendars with holiday travel plans, adoptions tend to slow down in December. The intake of animals in need, however, does not.

The public’s generosity this time of year is phenomenal, allowing us the opportunity to take care of our animals physical and emotional needs. Without our community's involvement, we would be hard-pressed to meet that need. So, as the holiday cheer flows, please remember all the pets that are waiting here for homes.

Thank you all for the good wishes, donations and time given to the animals this time of year and all year long!