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By Lynn Olenik, HAWS Executive Director

2012, Blog Intro:  This is HAWS

​​We have the programs at HAWS that point to a successful future! But we know that we can’t do it without you, our community.

As a full service pet resource center, we treat those that are medically treatable and rehabilitate all those with poor behavior that we can. We do this while keeping our doors open so that our community’s strays and unwanted pets,
and those from families facing hardship, always have a place to go. We never charge for the public to surrender their animals, keeping pets off the street and getting them more quickly adopted into new loving homes.

We want to do more, and need your help and support of our programs. We have the programs at HAWS that create long-lasting solutions to ​community issues, prevention of abuse and neglect, and that curb pet overpopulation.

In 2012 alone:
• Annie’s Fund provided $10,000+ to medically treat animals so they could be adopted.
• Project Guardian spayed/neutered 497 feral and outdoor cats, lowering the number of incoming stray cats to 939, down 31.6% since the program began in ’05!
• 2873 spay/neuter surgeries were performed in our SNIP clinic.
• 999 cats, 468 dogs and 404 small animals were adopted into forever homes.
• Our Animal Rescue Team reunited 658 cats and dogs with their families, 445 wild animals were rescued and the team responded to 1589 calls. A new emergency response trailer was donated to serve our community if disaster strikes.
• Our Behavior Department celebrated its 500th graduate from the Mod Squad™ and helped 308 dogs learn the manners appropriate to be re-homed. These dogs got that second chance because of dedicated staff and volunteers – the vast majority of dogs with behavior issues can and are rehabilitated!
• 6176 people attended Education Department programs; 520 attended Kids ‘N Critters Summer Day Camp. We also provided values education to numerous schools and Scout groups through afterschool and in-house and programs. Values coaching and education on qualities such as empathy, compassion and nurturing help the youth of our community become better adults, fighting abuse and neglect.
• Volunteers logged over 12,000 hours this past year! Our community stepped up to assist with laundry, foster care, grounds care, cat and small animal socialization and more.

Each program makes a difference. We are dedicated to our full service and open admissions philosophy. Come along with us, and help as HAWS works to create a society that humanely deals with issues such as neglect, abuse and over population. As a team we accomplish so many wonderful things, and will continue to do so far into the future!
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November, 2013
HAWS Pets 9-1-1

HAWS' Animal Rescue Team fills a vital role in our community. Team members go on over 1500 calls annually for wildlife and domestic animals that need assistance. They respond to the pager calls after hours, in all weather; 24/7/365 days a year. The men and women who handle our emergency calls are never quite sure what they will find once called out, but try to help wherever they can.

We partner with Wisconsin Veterinary Referral Center, Waukesha Small Animal Clinic and other community veterinarians, as well as our own shelter veterinary team to provide emergency supportive care to stray animals in Waukesha municipalities that contract with us for service. This insures that the animals in our community have a great chance of surviving trauma when they have gotten injured while separated from their owners. Annie’s Fund helps to cover the cost of care for these animals.

In 2012, over $12,000 was spent out of Annie’s Fund to treat the treatable animals with a good prognosis of recovery. These funds are used not only for the strays as noted above, but also otherwise adoptable pets that need a medical problem fixed before they could be adopted. Even pets which have already been adopted, but need additional medical assistance, qualify for a matching gift from Annie’s Fund.

This is one way we can keep adopted animals in good homes, or prepare animals to be adopted. This is a way that HAWS does more than the average shelter.

Annie’s Fund and our Animal Rescue Team, along with veterinary partnerships, give our community's animals a huge advantage, especially in emergency situations.

It’s all about the animals!
December 16, 2013
Happy Holidays Everyone!

Winter is definitely here! A good book, a cup of cocoa and your favorite pet snuggled down on the couch (if so allowed), and you can ride out any weather.

Remember those who are staying here at HAWS, without families, this holiday season. We could use Kongs and durable, washable toys; crinkly shiny things for our cats and even chew toys for the small animals. Donations of supplies save the shelter valuable resources that can be then be spent on things that are can't be donated, like electricity and heat. Stop in and spread the cheer with the staff and volunteers, visit the animals - and see our holiday ornament tree, uniting all the local shelters.

Most importantly, keep your own pet safe this holiday by limiting access to things like decorations, too much people food and overindulgence in raw hide bones and treats! Keep them safe around the festivities, giving them a less-stressful place to be if the relatives and guests become too much and the fun overwhelming. A crate or a quiet room can prevent a bite when a well meaning guest just won’t “let sleeping dogs lie.”

Enjoy those quiet couch moments to share some peace with your best friends.
January 8, 2014

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to our staff that have been doing animal pickups and to the people who have welcomed strays into their homes while waiting for our pick up staff to arrive. The cold this week has been dangerous but we have not had any emergencies. The media has been on top of the weather, warning our community to bring the outdoor pets indoors, so a thank you to them, too.

A cold snap like this one does not come often. The last substantial cold plunge was almost 20 years ago. It doesn’t have to be this cold, though, to be dangerous for animals. A high wind or a cold rain turning to sleet may not seem as cold, but it can soak a pet to the skin and cause many of the same problems. So, as it warms to a balmy zero, let’s be as diligent then as we have been this past week and keep the animals safe!
March 17, 2014
Are You Ready to Walk?

Come celebrate spring with HAWS at our 31st Annual Pet Walk, sponsored by the Friends of HAWS!

Bring your dog, your kids - the whole family - and join us for this fun event held May 3rd at Sussex Village Park. There is something for everyone, with walking trails, great lunch items, vendors and, best of all, camaraderie with fellow pet lovers and their beautiful dogs. So if dogs make you smile, be sure to join us at this fantastic fundraiser for the animals at HAWS.

This year the Friend’s group is raising money for a new HAWS’ Animal Rescue vehicle. Money raised from this year’s Walk will go towards both the purchase of this vehicle and the animals at HAWS. This vehicle will be on duty 24/7/365 in our community to assist animals in need. We transport sick or injured wildlife, and stray and abandoned or injured domestic animals, responding every day as needed to our Waukesha County communities. Each year we respond to over 1500 calls for help with animals in our surrounding communities.

There are so many ways you can donate! Make your own personal online fundraising page by going to the Walk page of our website, hawspets.org. Or, collect pledges, walk the trail and then turn the funds in at the Walk itself. Or simply join us, have lunch with us and make a donation.

There are many ways you can give and many ways you can enjoy the day! We’ll see you May 3rd!

March 24, 2014
Love is in Bloom!

Even with spring arriving late this year, signs of mating have begun. The first infant kittens have come into the shelter this week! Like other years, the importance of spay and neuter of outdoor cats is vital to controlling the number of kittens brought into our local shelters. Getting an early start on this is crucial.

No one involved in humane activities wants to see outdoor cats give up their lives to keep kittens from being born. Project Guardian is a humane alternative. By bringing in the outdoor cats that are on your property or in your neighborhood for a spay or neuter, you can prevent up to 3 litters per year from being born. Left unaltered, within 6 months of birth a single cat can already be an additional contributor to the overpopulation problem!

Remember, HAWS will spay or neuter Waukesha County outdoor cats for no charge. FREE! You can help prevent these litters from being born by humanely trapping these outdoor cats and bringing them in for their surgery, then returning them to where they were trapped.

Help take the load of kittens off the shelter and assist with the population issue...before the kittens are born.