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To submit your Rescue Tail or Adoption Success Story for our website and/or our Tattle Tails newsletter, send the picture of your HAWS Alumni pet to and use our Adoption Story form to tell us about them! We will post as many as we can.  Be sure to check back again for more animal rescue stories!  
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The Cotton Family
We adopted Cali more than 16 years ago from HAWS. She's slowing down a bit, but is still doing well. She loves hanging out with our big stuffed animal, Lucky. And anywhere the sun is shining, she's soaking it up!

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Mrs. Dowling
"Thanks for finding me such a great home! - Nibbles"

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Paula S.
Quinton is doing VERY WELL.
He is a little sweetheart - he still loves massages, and receives them daily along with lots of kisses on his forehead. I think he is a pretty happy bunny - thank you for your patience and assistance!

Sally Ann
(aka Mustang Sally)

Julie & Gary S.
"Just wanted to let you know that I'm doing GREAT in my forever home. I have a little brother Elliot and we have so much fun together. We also have piggies that we are very nice to. I still like to talk about, well, EVERYTHING, but I am learning I don't need to.
I am very happy and my Mommy & Daddy love me
- Love, Sally Ann"
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Read all about Brianna!
From LuAnn and Terry
Caleigh & Family
When I was on a field trip to HAWS with my Girl Scout Troop, the staff brought out Pumpkin to show us a guinea pig. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. Mom really liked Pumpkin, too, but wanted us to think about it...because my other pig, Guine, passed away several months before.
    We went back to visit Pumpkin and spent some more time with her...and adopted her! She has been with us for 6 months and it has been great so far.
    We really enjoy having her and we hope she likes having us as her new family. She seems to really like being with us! I love how she sleeps on her side and likes to stand up on her hind legs when we come to feed her. She loves kisses good night, too!
Grace D.
Hi, I adopted Lianna. She is doing great and is quite a character! I had changed her name to Irish Trinity because of my heritage, Trinity (or her nickname Miss Mittens) for short. She's found a forever home!
Kim B.
We adopted Buck last winter:
it was fate....we came in on Sunday and he had an adoption pending...but for some reason I looked on the website on Monday and he was still there...long story short the other adoption feel through.... so it was our lucky week!

Denise & Dustin
"They fell in love with me immediately when I was at Petco in Waukesha. They have given me all of the special attention I deserve...No kids, no pesky pets...Just the three of us. I love to help change the sheets, watch chipmunks from my kitty condo, drink water from my own bubbler and hide in paper bags. I hope all kitties like me can find their furrever home and hit the jackpot! Gotta dart off now...there could be a rogue jingle ball in the other room!"
The Larsons
Don't worry..."Sargie" has found his favorite spot...and seems to have settled in!