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HAWS-Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha Wisconsin

HAWS' SNIP clinic provides spay/neuter procedures for animals at HAWS,
animals adopted from HAWS and animals belonging to breed-placement
groups. Since May 2003, HAWS has also offered spay/neuter procedures
for pet owners who are struggling financially.

Spay/neuter surgery carries a one-time cost that is relatively small compared
to the long-term benefits. Along with helping curb pet overpopulation,
spay/neuter surgery allows pets to live longer, healthier lives. It also makes
​them less likely to spray and/or marking territory and eliminates heat cycles.
​Unsterilized animals often exhibit more behavior and temperament problems
​than those who have been spayed or neutered.

Donations are gladly accepted! The SNIP program at HAWS is poised to make a far-reaching and lasting impact on the animal population in our communities, but that cannot continue without your support. To make a contribution to support the efforts of SNIP, please specify your donations as "for the SNIP Fund."

License #267280-DS

​​   ​World Spay Day is the Last Tuesday in February

​    - Watch the slideshow of past Spay Days at HAWS!
​    - Continue to help HAWS save lives thru a
        ​ "Sponsor-A-Spay" Donation.
​    - Need help with a spay or neuter?
         Contact our SNIP clinic for information!


​​​​Don't Let Cat Flash Mobs Happen to You: 


HAWS is saving lives through Project Guardian, a no-cost
service offered to the owners of outdoor/barn cats in
Waukesha County. Learn more by clicking here.

Are you ready to SAVE LIVES and end cat overpopulation?

Thanks to public and private support,
​HAWS’ Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic
​is able to provide FREE assistance to Waukesha County residents.
Donations are welcome!

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